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My partner had an affair

My partner confessed to me that she has had an affair. This is now in between us. It is difficult for me to trust her. She has not been honest with me for a long time.

But she says it is over now and that she wants to stay with me and our family. I find it hard to accept what has happened.


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Hello anonymous
I understand what you write. It took me many years as well. And still actually, even though it is already ten years ago.

We dealt with that alone. Now I saw on a clip from Esther Perel. And looking back I wish we would have done therapy. I think we would have gone through it faster. At least look that clip up. Maybe it will help you.

In any case, good luck!

P.s. my name is not really Esther, I just used it now because I thought of her.


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