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Life & Relationship Coach - New Plymouth - Jessica
Relationship & Couples coaching New Plymouth
36 Devon St. W 2nd Floor
4310 New Plymouth
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Jessica | Life & Relationship Coach

Relationship & Couples coaching New Plymouth

My name is Jessica. 
I'm a life and relationship coach in New Plymouth for individual and relationship coaching.

I have a unique background with training in marriage and family therapy and life coaching.  My wiring is to see systems (e.g, relationships at work, at home, with extended family, nature) explore the aspects that are out of balance, and discover how to co-create harmony.  

I have the privilege of offering couples coaching and workshops with my husband of 12+ years. 

Couples coaching with us includes write up of key points from session, plus homeplay and educationto support you in growing individually & together. 

We often find ourselves looking for couple's coaching when there has been a break in trust and a hurt/hurts are requiring more than a bandaid. When we find ourselves in the same pattern that has turning away from each other rather than towards. 

This unique collaboration between you all and us encourages you to get a perspective from both the masculine and feminine. Together we invite a more holistic approach that offers you an opening to create even more richness, safety, intimacy, healthy communication and peace in your relationship(s).

We provide conflict resolution skills, information & resources about the masculine/feminine energy and behavioral patterns, activities to become more self-aware and less triggered by one another. Travis is a social worker and is training in the arts of hands on healing. 

Common reasons for couples coaching

Common Reasons Couples Begin:

  • Trust has been impacted by decisions, there is pain & uncertainty.
  • Safety has been compromised.

  • It has begun feeling like you are 'versus' each other rather than a team.
  • Intimacy has fizzled out and you're ready to heat it up!

  • You want communication skills.
  • Someone has moved out & separation/divorce is on the table.
  • Deepen understanding of masculine/feminine patterns.

Would you like to know more or make an appointment, feel free to contact me.


Qualifications and registrations

ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge; TKI NZ 
  • Intuitive Anatomy (3 week course) -Completion: Oct 2020
  • Prerequisites Dig Deeper, DNA 1 & 2


New Zealand Life Coaching; Auckland NZ    
  • Certificate in Breakthrough Life Coaching - Completion: Dec. 2017
  • Certificate in Abundance Coaching - Completion: Dec. 2017 

Appalachian State University; NC USA                                  
  • M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy - Graduation: Aug.  2009
  • Graduate Certificate in Addictions Counseling - Completion: Dec. 2009
  • Graduate Certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy - Completion: Aug. 2009

University of Central Missouri; MO USA                                
  • B.S. in Psychology with Minor in Child Development - Graduation: Dec. 2006

I offer therapy in

Most common issues I support people with:

Top Areas of Focus:
  • Safely exploring how your past beliefs about life and who you are (your identity) are affecting your relationship and what changes you can make to create more connection.
  • Developing communication tools to be able to express yourself and be heard in a way that's respectful, healthy and effective.
  • Deepen into the richness of relationship through learning the art of rebalancing the masculine/feminine energies in your partnership.  Often conflict occurs because we are attempting to be step to the side of our authentic selves.
  • Learning more about turn ons and turn off, how to talk about it and how to practice creating a safe space for you to engage in intimacy.
  • Increase your resilence and ability to respond to decrease your reactivity, defensiveness and disconnection. 


Individual sessions starting at $120
Couples sessions starting at $200



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