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The average rating of all relationship counsellors in and near Dunedin is 5 out of 5 stars based on 1 review.

Relationship counsellors in Dunedin

(4 KM)
Cushla Phillips | Relationship counsellor | Dunedin (4 KM)
Relationship Counselling Dunedin, 7 Bond Street, 9016, Dunedin

Hi, my name is Cushla, I am an experienced relationship counsellor and family therapist, working in Dunedin. You are welcome to contact me with any questions or to book an appointment.

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(3 KM)
Graeme Warburton | Relationship counselling | Dunedin (3 KM)
Relationship Counselling Dunedin, 83 Moray Place, 9016, Dunedin

--- Currently unavailable --- I am skilled in counselling for a wide range of problems and work with couples, families and individuals of all ages. You're welcome for a wide range of relationship issues, including: infidelity, communication problems, divorce and separation, family problems, intimacy issues, marriage problems, parenting, relationship anxiety and relationship fights.

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Online relationship counselling

Online-Relationship-Coach-and-Counselor---Mediation-New Zealand
New Zealand
(0 KM)
John | Online Relationship Coach and Counselor - Mediation | New Zealand (0 KM)
Online Relationship Coaching NZ,
✓ I also offer online therapy

My name is John, I have been working as a relationship coach, couples counsellor, mediator and group facilitator for over 20 years in New Zealand and abroad.

I help people individually, and as couples, families and groups to resolve issues, stress and conflict in their relationships and lives.

Rating 5 out of 5
based on 1 reviews
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Online-Couples-counsellor-New Zealand
New Zealand
(0 KM)
Catherine | Online Couples counsellor | New Zealand (0 KM)
Online Couples Counselling & Online Marriage Counselling,
✓ I also offer online therapy

--- currently unavailable --- Online couples counselling & Online mariage counselling: Hi, I'm Catherine, online relationship counsellor. You're welcome with a range of issues, including: commitment phobia, communication problems, divorce & Seperation, infidelity & affairs, intimacy issues, marriage problems, relationship anxiety, relationship fights.

Online couples counselling - online mariage counselling

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Frequently asked questions

With what kind of relationship issues can we contact a counsellor?
Relationship counselling and couples therapy can help with a lot of relationship issues, such as adultery, autonomy in relationship, commitment phobia, communication problems, (emotional) infidelity, family problems, fear of abandonment, insecurity in relationship, intimacy issues, jealousy, marriage problems, relationship anxiety and relationship fights.
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Can we get online relationship counselling?
Yes, a lot of our counsellors also offer online relationship counselling and online couples therapy, also at alert level 2 of the Covid-19 pandemic.
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I'm a couples counsellor/therapist myself. Can I join
If you are a qualified counsellor, therapist, psychologist or life coach in New Zealand, most likely you can join our network. List your practice on our website.
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