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I cheated... now what?

I cheated after a hectic period of getting children, new job, moving... There was hardly any intimacy between me and my partner anymore. We run a business together. Love each other very much.

Now that it came out, my partner doesn't know if she wants to continue with me and I feel terribly guilty and horrible....

Anybody recognizes this?


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Dear Anonymous

I don't really recognize what you write, as somebody who cheated. I do recognize it is as someone who's partner cheated.

Maybe it sounds harsh, it's not meant like that, but I think it would be good for your partner if you tell her you feel guilty. Maybe you should tell her, just so that she knows.

Maybe it also helps to talk about it and put time in it. My partner didn't have so much patience with me and that caused that we didn't make it. Maybe if he would have had more patience and would have dared to talk about it, we could have made it. Then I would not be so lonely now.

I hope you manage.


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