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David | Relationship Coach

Online Relationship Counselling

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Hi, my name is David. I'm a trained and experienced counsellor and relationship coach in Auckland.


I offer non-judgemental and effective counselling and coaching, helping you gain insights and teaching you the skills to help you deal with what you are facing.

I am experienced and specialise in uncovering any underlying relationship dynamics that are negatively affecting a relationship and offering specific skills and strategies that can lead to a more satisfying and meaningful relationship.

Counselling Approach


I work by:


  • Firstly, helping couples uncover and explore what is not working for them.

  • Secondly, teaching them the frameworks and skills they can use to meet their needs and make the changes they want.

Would you like to know more or make an appointment, feel free to contact me.


Online therapy

I offer 1hr sessions via Skype. The number of sessions is whatever a client needs.


I offer therapy in


Nothing is more frustrating than having our relationship needs go unmet!
People can often feel misunderstood and clash with those they love the most. This creates distance and conflict and eventually even break-ups.

Fortunately new relationship skills can be learned and this is where I can help. 
I specialize in;

-helping identify unmet relational needs.
-teaching people how to communicate those needs.
-teaching the listening skills necessary to hear the others needs.
-helping identify the underlying dynamics that get in the way.
-and teaching how to deal with conflict in a healthy way to find resolution.

My goal is to pass on the knowledge and skills that couples need to understand and appreciate each other, for a deeper and more satisfying relationship.


My fee is $130 for a 1hr session.

Availability (Opening hours)

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