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Relationship & Intimacy Therapist - Blenheim - Joni
Relationship & Intimacy Therapist
14 Kinross St
7201 Blenheim
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Relationship & Intimacy Therapist Blenheim

Couples therapy

As we journey through different phases of our life, it would be unrealistic to expect that our sexuality and need for intimacy remains constant. Navigating the ebbs and flows of change can be even more challenging to the relationship.

Often couples have once been on the same page, or are striving to get back to where they once were.

They often don’t take into consideration what their needs and wants are in the present. Communicating this to your significant other can be extremely difficult, especially when sometimes we don’t know what we want.

Communication with our partner is key to cultivating and maintaining a rewarding relationship as well as a rewarding sex life.



Common Couples Issues

  • Recover From Infidelity

  • Improve Your Communication

  • Rekindle Intimacy And Passion

  • Pre And Post Natal Concerns

  • Divorce Or Separate Ethically

  • Libido Disparity / Difficulty Satisfying Your Partner

  • Consensual Non-Monogamy / Polyamorous


Pre Marriage Counselling

As a form of couples therapy, premarital counseling helps you and your partner prepare for marriage. It helps you and your partner discuss a wide range of matters, from finances to children, so that you are on the same page.


Additionally, it can assist you in identifying potential conflict areas and equip you with the tools to navigate them effectively. Counseling before marriage is designed to help you lay a strong foundation for your marriage. 



Intimacy therapy

It is completely normal to have apprehension when discussing intimate details that could be preventing you from having the sex life you want, or even the confidence to have the sex life you want. Most sexual issues have an underlying bio-psycho-social cause, which means many sexual dysfunctions can stem from our experiences, thoughts, and what is going on with the body.


During therapy sessions, we can explore these issues to get you on a happier trajectory. You will be provided guidance and education in a safe, honest, non-judgemental environment.

If you want to know more or make an appointment, feel free to contact me.


Online therapy

I work with clients who are overseas and other part of New Zealand so please get in touch if you think I might be able to help you.

Qualifications and registrations

  • Counsellor 
  • Gottman Relationship Therapy
  • BWRT Therapy 
  • Psychosexual therapy 
  • Somatic trauma therapy
  • Sensate Therapy
  • Schema Therapy 
  • Member of the International Association of Counselling (IAC)



$145 per session (couple)
$110 per session (individual)
In our free 15 min discovery call, we’ll discuss what you want to achieve and it also gives you a chance to meet me before our first session. 


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