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Cathy Douglas | Counsellor

100 Thames Street - Community House - Oamaru Central
8013 Oamaru
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Relationship Counselling Oamaru

What I give:

Hello, I am Cathy. I have studied within the psychology and counselling areas for many years and hold a Ba Couns.

I am also registered with the NZAC and applying for provisional membership with the NZCCA.

What I have learnt academically and in life can enable me to see issues from multiple angles and with this and the holistic multi-modal therapy approach we can unpack whatever ails you.


Where you sit:

You can feel, safe, valued, heard and supported without reservation.

Together we can work in a confidential environment. We work at your speed on the issues in your relationship.

There are no taboo subjects there is only what bothers you.


How it works:

After contact your first session is one of getting to know each other and information gathering. It is also where we discuss the urgency of any issues over others. We start to organise a plan of focus that fits with you.

The second session is where we begin to unpack the reasons for your contact.

We may use talking therapies, we may use acting. We use what best suits you both to enable you to give voice to the inner strength that sits within you.

Would you like to know more or make an appointment, feel free to contact me.


Online therapy

I work remotely from my home, within the client’s home, and from an office in Community House in Oamaru.

Qualifications and registrations

I hold a Ba Couns from Bethlehem Tertiary Institution, Tauranga. I am a provisional member with NZAC and an applicant for the NZCCA.



I have a sliding scale dependent on income from $70 to $150.


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