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3330 Taupo
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Relationship Counselling Taupo

My name is Carolyn Stock. I am a therapist, located in Taupo.

I offer therapy for personal and relational wellbeing with the aim of assisting you to achieve the outcomes that matter to you.


We experience wellbeing in our relationships when we are able to connect with others on the basis of who we are and be our true person with others. A functional relationship is one in which each person in the relationship can be themselves. If we feel we need to change to fit in with others or for acceptance, we experience what some analysts refer to as ‘fusion without integrity,’ and this can lead to all kinds of problems and frustrations.


You're welcome to contact me with any enquiries you may have and for individual relationship counselling and/or couples counselling. I assure you of confidentiality and my commitment to assist you to find a solution that will be optimal for you.


Carolyn Stock


Qualifications and registrations

  • 2009 Diploma of Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis New Zealand - HNZDH
  • 2007 Doctor of Philosophy - University of Waitako - PhD (The University of Waikato)
  • 2001 Bachelor of Social Sciences with honours - University of Waitako - BSocSc(Hons)
  • 2000 Bachelor of Social Sciences - University of Waitako - BSocSc(Psych)


Therapy sessions are $80.


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