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Addicted to love

Do you suffer from an addiction to love?


For a lot of people it's helpful to write down and share their story. This open forum is a great place for:


  • Getting things off your chest.
  • Reading the stories of peers.
  • Connecting with peers and responding to stories.


Read the stories of other people with an addiction to love and share your story.


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Story 1 - Fear of commitment, fear of abandonment and love addiction

In one relationship there were very strong waves of alternating fear of commitment, fear of abandonment and love addiction.

One moment she had fear of abandonment and I had fear of commitment, the other moment the other way around. We were like magnets that were continuously pushing and pulling each other.

It was also like a love addiction. When she came too close, I got tense and wanted to escape (fear of commitment). But when she took some distance, then I felt the addiction and I wanted to be with her (fear of abandonment).

It was one big relationship drama. Although I knew that this relationship was not good for me, the feelings and the addiction and the fear were very strong.

What freed me in the end was that I read something on the internet that described how you take more and more the energy of the person you are intimate with. So it's better not to be intimate with people you do not want to be like.

So I asked myself the question "would I like to be more like this person?" And the answer was clearly "No". So by looking at it like this, I took distance. Fortunately she also took a distance. That's how I 'escaped' this drama.


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Story 2 - I find it hard to deal with love addicted people

I find it hard to deal with people that are addicted to love and attention. Actually they are in love with themselves and the feeling that somebody is in love with you. Hard to distinguish those two things.


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I understand what you mean. That it is not about the other more about themselves.

Reads like by looking at it like that you prevent yourself from falling in love with such people. I like that. It's smart.


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